Being a QOSS Executive is more than just a title, it is a promise to put time and effort into making 2021 great for our fellow optometry students at QUT! We are all here to support you throughout 2021 so please don't hesitate to have a chat to us around campus or at events!





Steven Ho
Phylicia Suhartono
Mike Hong
Julie Lee

Media Rep

Academic Rep

Social Rep

Fundraising Rep

Marco Ting
Jasmine Chiem
Nhi Nguyen
Dani Pham

Eyeball Rep

Sports Rep

Eyeball Rep

4th Year Rep

Cong Bui
Nadine Alexander
Isabella Edwards-Brown
Hailey Tong

4th Year Fundraising Rep

4th Year Academic Rep

4th Year Social Rep

4th Year Eyeball Rep

Nathan Branjerdporn
Jennifer Duong
Zack Bulow
Jessica Jones